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A Car Dealership With Single-Ply Roofing

Expert Single-ply Roofing

When you are in need of a commercial roofer in Detroit, MI or throughout the state, you can always count on the exceptional service from Sharpe Roofing. Licensed and insured, as a commercial roofing contractor we specialize in single-ply roof installation and repair. You can find out more about our team, get an estimate, or schedule an appointment by calling 800-630-9006.

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Sharpe Roofing has established itself as a leading commercial roofer in Detroit, MI and throughout the state by installing and repairing roofs that improve your building and provide solid performance. We specialize in single-ply roofing because we know these roofs are high-quality. Roofing materials like TPO, EPDM, and PVC are highly damage-resistant and save businesses money by being highly energy efficient. Whatever type of roofing system you choose, our goal is to ensure your roof is the best available and meet all your expectations. 

All our roofs are either fully adhered, mechanically attached, or even metal retrofit, which means a single-ply roof is placed directly over an older metal roof. While mechanically attaching a roof is the most common installation process, we often use the fully adhered technique if the roof is installed in an area where high winds are involved. No matter what kind of roof is installed, we use only the highest-quality materials from leading manufacturers. Along with exceptional service from experienced roofing crews, we offer pricing that’s competitive and cost-effective. 

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If you need a commercial roofer in Detroit, MI, or anywhere throughout the state, never hesitate to call Sharpe Roofing. We offer our services throughout the area. Our specialty is single-ply roofing, and we’re always ready to help. Find out more about us, book a service appointment, or get an estimate by calling 800-630-9006.

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